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July 13, 2018

Huem & T.O.M. – Rocket Science [OUT NOW!]

What better way to indulge in summer than with a top notch slice of progressive trance. We welcome newcomers Huem & T.O.M. to the label with […]
July 6, 2018

Simon Gregory – Looking Glass EP [OUT NOW!]

Simon Gregory (aka Crimson) is back on Mondo Records with two more stellar trance workouts in the form of his latest ‘Looking Glass EP’. Simon of […]
June 29, 2018

Paul Hawcroft & Tigerlight – Hurricane [OUT NOW!]

Continuing to unearth the finest summer anthems, we’re super excited to welcome Paul Hawcroft & Tigerlight to Mondo Records with thier lush vocal offering ‘Hurricane’. You’ll […]
June 22, 2018

Orano – Inca [OUT NOW!]

Orano returns to home turf with his latest summer anthem in the form of ‘Inca’. After the huge success of his singles ‘Fairytales’ and ‘It’s Alright’, […]

Featured Release

DT8 Project - Climb

DT8 Project - Climb

Mixmag Tune of the Month

The DT8 Project production power house continues with the latest single ‘Climb’.

After starting 2018 with ‘The Gate’, Darren Tate (aka DT8 Project) is back with another masterpiece from his much loved DT8 Project brand. When you look back at some of the seminal DT8 classics such as ‘Destination’, ‘The Sun Is Shining’, ‘Winter’ and ‘Hold Me Till The End’, you wonder how such a prolific producer can top those. Well as you’d expect, the latest offering from DT8 Project is nothing short of breath taking. Lush, uplifting melodies, emotive chords and a lush vocal hook over the top will send shivers down your spine.

If that wasn’t enough, we have employed the talents of two Mondo Records stars – first up is Orano, who you will remember from his breath taking debut single ‘Fairytales’. He delivers not one, but two interpretations of ‘Climb’. One mix to which keeps the progressive vibe of the original and another mix which spins the track in a no nonsense tech trance direction.

Following up those mixes is a slamming, uplifting remix from rising Mondo Records star Cyril Ryaz. Cyril of course is no stranger to crafting banging trance moments and pulls out all the stops for this killer remix.

Another classic in the making here from DT8 Project – do not miss it!

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