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  1. Prologue: “The Engagement” (Music From The Motion Picture Film “Snapshot”)
  2. The Wave
  3. Sympathy
  4. The Eternal (Big Piano Mix)
  5. Electrified (as Tate & Diamond)
  6. Sweet Sin (Dub Mix)
  7. Twisted Robot
  8. Rise Above The Anarchy (as Tate & Credland)
  9. Be You Be Me (feat. Jodie Elms)
  10. All I Am (feat. Jodie Elms)
  11. Daylight Blinds Me (feat. Jodie Elms)
  12. Field Of Dreams (Vocal Mix)
  13. Tears
  14. Midnight

Darren Tate "Horizons 03":

Darren Tate – the producer behind some of the world’s biggest dance acts including: Angelic, Jurgen Vries, DT8 Project, Orion, Citizen Caned & 8 Ball, and producer of club classics such as “Let The Light Shine In”, “Destination”, “Hold Me Till The End”, “Winter”, “Echoes” and “When The Morning Comes” presents his latest and greatest album “Horizons 03”.

Featuring fourteen feature packed singles that takes you on an eighty minute musical journey through cutting edge progressive house, to hands in the air club classics. The album features stunning vocal performances by Nicolai Prowse, David Patrick Carter, Fregoli’s Daughter, Ally Hammond and Pippa Fulton.