Mondo Records is one of the UK’s premier dance labels specializing in house, trance and progressive house. Over the last few years our goal has been to release the most exciting, passionate and original new music while helping to develop and showcase up-and-coming artist and production talent from around the world.

Thanks to over a decade of careful, pinpoint A&R and nurturing some of the best talent out there today, since 2006 Mondo Records has strived to be at the forefront. Whether its from signing the newest and most exciting producers, to delivering high quality releases each week to the global army of fans around world, Mondo has always been at the top of its game.

Now we are the home to regular appearances from the likes of: Darren Tate, DT8 Project, Azotti, Quincy Weigert, Ian Solano, Manda Dex and many more.