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June 1, 2018
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June 22, 2018

Mixmag names ‘Climb’ Tune of the Month

We’re super stoked to learn that our friends over at Mixmag have named DT8 Project’s ‘Climb’ their Tune of the Month! Here is what they had to say about the track…

Darren Tate productions have become rarer occurrences in recent years. When one does surface though, it’s painstakingly made and always worth the wait, as proven by his most recent output under his DT8 Project moniker. ‘Climb’ is a well-balanced blend of progressive and uplifting, with a slightly classic sensibility that caresses the mind in sparkling chords. Haunting vocals add further sentiment without veering into cheesy territory, and it’s that sense of nuanced dynamism that could ensure this becomes a timeless classic. 9/10

Make sure you pick up your copy, or stream the various mixes (from Orano & Cyril Ryaz).