MND071: Corderoy – Watching U
April 7, 2008
MND058: 4Mal & Matthew Adams feat. Corey Andrew – Computer Parts
March 10, 2008

Once again, Mondo Records deliver yet another unique and groundbreaking release! This time welcoming back the huge talent that is DIGITAL DELAY with his next offering.

After the colossal success of “Love Put Us Into A Groove”, Gurjit Delay aka DIGITAL DELAY is back with yet another dancefloor destroyer ‘MY LOVE’. Already gaining early plays from Radio 1’s JUDGE JULES we are convinced this will be causing some serious damage over the coming months and beyond!

On top of the energy packed original mix, we provide further fuel to the fire with house mixes from Starlet DJ’s (Paul Masterson aka Yomanda & Peter Martine), Rokit & Dale Corderoy and Thomas Feijk!!

  1. Rokit & Dale Corderoy Radio Edit
  2. Rokit & Dale Corderoy Remix
  3. Original Mix
  4. Starlet DJ’s Remix
  5. Thomas Feijk Remix
  6. Rokit & Dale Corderoy Dub Mix
  7. Original Radio Edit
  8. Starlet DJ’s Radio Edit

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