MND044: A / B Project – Eternal Optimism
February 26, 2007
MND026: Flash Brothers – Faith In Love
December 12, 2005

Once again, Mondo deliver yet another unique and groundbreaking release! This time coming from Alan Nimmo and Andrew Bayer (notoriously known as the Signalrunners and Team SR), under their new guise Nimmo & Bayer!

The first release to come from Nimmo & Bayer, ‘Unconditional’ is an energetic monster which will set any dance floor alight and we dare you to road test this hot release. With new remixes arriving shortly, we currently bring you an exclusive upfront promo including the original and indeep mixes, featuring a fresh and cutting chunky electro bass line combined with fantastic rhythm and percussion programming. Both mixes having already received an incredible amount of interest. Unconditional is the perfect track for peak time moments but also for those deeper sessions.

  1. Original Mix
  2. Ben Gold Remix
  3. In Deep Mix
  4. Dale Corderoy Remix
  5. Alis 5 vs. Corderoy Remix

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