MND038: Darren Tate – Echoes / Chori Chori
July 23, 2007
MND048: Santerna pres. Fadelon – Altitude / Feeling The Night
April 30, 2007

Mondo Records proudly presents this exclusive release from UK based dance act Corderoy.

Drifting as a record will never fit the mould of your standard trance release, originally scored as a classical piece this truly is an inspirational journey through interesting chord progressions and melodic riffs.

The release pack is full to the brim with great mixes, hot producers Reaves and Ahorn bring home an awesome energetic mix that’s already creating a massive stir amongst DJs, whilst Sassot takes things a little tougher and delivers a dirty yet massive in your face monster.

  1. Original Mix
  2. Reaves & Ahorn Remix
  3. Sassot Goes DIrty Remix
  4. Dale Corderoy’s DFunkt Remix

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