MND058: 4Mal & Matthew Adams feat. Corey Andrew – Computer Parts
March 10, 2008
ANG02: Angelic – Stay With Me
January 28, 2008

Mondo Records is proud to present a breathtaking production from Dávid Biczók under his Soliquid  alias titled ‘Leave Me Alone’.

Hot off from remixing the likes of Matt Darey, Under Sun and Kenneth Thomas David’s talents are already widely known throughout the industry and his quality of production is second to none. Leave Me Alone has all the emotion and vibe we’ve come to expect from his style and in our minds is simply massive.

Next up and no stranger to the Mondo remixing team is Ruben de Ronde, fresh off the back of completing his global hit remix of Mr White on Armada Ruben takes things on progressive tip and delivers an inspired mix that only he’s capable off. If that wasn’t enough! To add further weight to this already impressive package Orange Project provide a mix that can only can be describe as stunning, if this doesn’t bring back those lost summer vibes nothing will!

  1. Original Mix
  2. NumberNin6 & Luke Terry’s Greenlight Club Mix
  3. Original Vocal Mix
  4. Orange Project’s Luv Guitars Remix
  5. NumberNin6 & Luke Terry’s Greenlight Beaks Mix
  6. Ruben de Ronde Remix

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