MND056B: MIO feat. Mavoks – Someone Like You (Part 2)
January 12, 2009
MND070: Sunny Lax pres. Acacia – Elda EP
December 8, 2008

Mondo Records welcomes it’s next release from talented Aussie based MIO.

MIO’s first major release titled “Someone Like You” is about to hit the UK/European market followed by a world wide release. It features the sweet and fragile voice of Mavoks – a unique fusion of Hong Kong, Melanesian and Aussie accent. A voice to savour.

The release includes quality remixes from Dale Corderoy, Kazu Kimura and Chris Kaye supporting and contributing to this hot package that is creating a fresh buzz in Europe and piquing interest in what the MIO brand of music is all about – emotion, melody and love.

Watch and for regular updates as “Someone Like You” makes waves into a music scene that is looking for new life – “Someone Like You” has arrived, and is the iceberg tip of MIO talent.

  1. Original Radio Edit
  2. Dale Corderoy Radio Edit
  3. X-State Radio Edit
  4. Bass Fly Spicy Radio Edit
  5. Pornographic Equalizer Radio Edit
  6. Frase Remix
  7. Dale Corderoy Remix
  8. X-State Remix
  9. Bass Fly Spicy Remix
  10. Pornographic Equalizer Remix
  11. Frase Instrumental Mix
  12. Dale Corderoy Dub Mix
  13. Pornographic Equalizer Instrumental Mix
  14. Bass Fly Spicy Instrumental Mix

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