MND092: Lust & Alenza – Natural Selection
September 27, 2010
MND089: Lewis Dodkins – Solstice EP
August 16, 2010

In keeping that summer vibe going, Mondo welcomes Slovenian producer Blaz Vrecko (aka Reconceal). No stranger to the trance circuit having already graced clubbers globally with anthems like ‘The World To Come’ and ‘Second Chance’. This time around Blaz delivers a three track EP entitled ‘Supersensual’

“Supersensual” kicks off proceedings with its gentle pads, rolling bass and plucky chords and it’s exactly what we’ve come to love from Reconceal, uplifting and banging. Continuing in the same vein of energy “Wanderer” moves you through the EP, offering yet another euphoric moment from Vrecko’s studio of delights. To round off in fine style, Blaz gives us “Walk on the Beach”, a no nonsense trancer that gets straight down to business, with its subtle melody and uplifting groove, it will hit the spot.

To complete the package, we welcome newcomer producer Simon Gregory (aka Crimson) who is on hand to remix Supersensual. Here we get a flavour of Simon’s unique production style, taking the lead track down the more progressive route, yet keeping the original firmly at its roots with its euphoric melodies and atmospheric breakdown.

Plenty more in store from both Reconceal and Crimson. Watch this space!

  1. Supersensual (Original Mix)
  2. Wanderer
  3. Walk On The Beach
  4. Supersensual (Crimson Remix)

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