MND104: Anteca – Sydney
April 24, 2011
MND101: Crimson – When Life Begins
February 28, 2011

Mondo continues its string of impressive releases in 2011 with our next sure fire crowd pleaser. Hailing from the other side of the pond, we welcome American DJ/producer Chase Costello with his debut release with us entitled ‘Open Your Heart’.

If you like a slice of euphoric, emotional and uplifting trance all rolled into one, then ‘Open Your Heart’ is going to be a track for you. With its plucky leads, soothing vocals from Zosia and big atmospheric pads, it’s the perfect blend for a club track that is sure to turn heads and raise arms on the dancefloor.

The package includes remixes from Mondo’s very own Corderoy, plus rising stars Lust & Alenza and newcomer Andrey Bogdanov.

  1. Original Mix
  2. Corderoy Remix
  3. Corderoy Dub
  4. Lust & Alezna Remix
  5. Andrey Bogdanov Remix

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