MND116: Ian Solano – Eleven
December 5, 2011
MND114: James Dymond – Shallop
November 7, 2011

Mondo welcomes yet another aspiring producer to the ranks. For his debut release, Andre Nikkensen teams up with sublime vocalist Angelika Borof to create a peak time cut that is sure to please every trance enthusiast around the globe. Angelika’s vocal fits like a glove on a framework of gritty basses, soothing pads, huge riffs and a warm organic breakdown.

Trance supremo Darren Tate loved the track so much he wanted to deliver his own unique take. Never one to disappoint he takes the original to another level, with an electric combination of euphoric pads, soaring leads, driving beats and working Angelika’s sumptuous vocals to send shivers down the spine.

This is one tune you cannot afford to miss!

  1. Original Mix
  2. Darren Tate Remix

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