MND117: Joey V – Alone EP
January 2, 2012
MND115: Andre Nikkensen feat. Angelika Borof – I’m Freezing
November 21, 2011

Ian Solano makes his much anticipated return to Mondo after his remix of Saint X ‘Rainmaker’ went down an absolute storm at the beginning of the year. This time around, Ian delivers his first single on Mondo entitled ‘Eleven’ which is a techy, groove fuelled monster with chunky percussion, dark synths, deep bass lines and a supreme riff to boot! In short, all the elements to send the dance floor crazy.

On remix duty, after his monumental remix of ‘Crazy But It’s True’ earlier this year, Mondo welcomes back Michael Tsukerman. Flipping the original on its head and taking no prisoners in the process, Tsukerman turns up the wick and adds more big room elements throughout the track, including a ridiculous breakdown that will cause carnage when it drops. Note: we are not responsible for any sound systems that are blown in the process of dropping this monster! 😉

Quite simply, your set is not complete without this release in it. Essential!

  1. Original Mix
  2. Michael Tsukerman Remix

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