MND122: James Dymond – Ordinary Heroes EP
April 2, 2012
MND120: Azotti – The Miracle
March 12, 2012

After creating quite a stir with his debut on Mondo Records in 2011, Chris Cockerill returns alongside production partner Nick Housmans and delivers ‘The Real Deal’. From its dark outset the pair twist electro morphed vocals with tech-fused basslines and big room riffs, creating a monster of a journey that will send any crowd crazy with its infectious melodies.

On the flip we have not one but two top of the line mixes. First up is Long Distance, taking things down a little he loosens things up with a slightly laid back, yet uplifting approach. He still keeps those cool grooves, electro vox and hands in the air riffs from the original but definitely stamps his mark on it. Wrapping things up we have James Barron who provides a tight and interesting progressive mix, even on the deeper tip he skilfully holds on to that feel good vibe of the track.

  1. Original Mix
  2. Long Distance Remix
  3. James Barron Remix

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