MND128: Jective pres. Muska – Electric Age
July 2, 2012
MND126: Saint X – Orion
May 28, 2012

After dropping his seminal debut in the form of ‘Beside You’ earlier this year, multi-talented producer Matt Eray returns to Mondo Records with a dazzling new offering!

For someone like Matt with such diverse talent, the aptly titled ‘Gift’ is yet another track with copious amounts of uplifting, summer energy that marries that club vibe seamlessly with typical Eray finesse.

On remix duties we draw on the talents of another rising star in the form of Jective. Opting to take things a little deeper under his ‘Muska’ moniker, Jective still maintains that uplifting characteristic throughout the track while throwing in his own rough and ready brand of exceptional sounds and energy.

  1. Original Mix
  2. Jective pres. Muska Remix

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