MND130: Tate & Credland feat. DPC – Rise Above The Anarchy
July 30, 2012
MND128: Jective pres. Muska – Electric Age
July 2, 2012

A hotly anticipated release and making his debut on Mondo Records, Shaker drops the gorgeous ‘Skies of Liberty’. Full on emotive and uplifting trance at its best, Shaker arrives in fine style with this sure fire club smasher.

On remix duties we have Mondo favourite James Dymond who has been going from strength to strength. Turning up the throttle, James keeps the BPM cranked whilst injecting his own personal style, aimed for the big room the result is breath-taking. Completing the package, we have a slick progressive mix from Daniel Hairston under his much-loved Sundrowner guise for those tech-trance sets.

  1. Original Mix
  2. James Dymond Remix
  3. Sundrowner Remix

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