MND135: Alex Vives – Take Off EP
September 24, 2012
MND133: DT8 Project vs. Ultimate – Destination Wonderland (Colonial One Mashup)
August 27, 2012

A firm favourite here at Mondo towers, Ian Solano makes his much anticipated return with yet another slice of tech trance wizardry that is sure to delight. Ian delivers the quintessential ‘Midnight Closure’, a dark, techy and moody affair that personifies true gritty and emotive trance. With its dirty bass, quirky gloomy piano riffs and big room synths, he once again demonstrates why his skills are sought after and loved in the trance scene.

On the flip is a remix from a rising star who is creating quite a stir across the world right now with his productions. Having already appeared on Mondo with his first outing teaming up with Chris Cockerill, Nick ‘Husman’ Housmans goes solo this time around adding extra energy and lush chords to take ‘Midnight Closure’ to the next level. Expect maximum dancefloor mayhem when this drops!

  1. Original Mix
  2. Husman Remix

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