MND139: Ali Wilson & Lee Osborne – Living Without You
November 12, 2012
MND137: Crimson – Windfall EP
October 22, 2012

Renowned as one of trance music’s most iconic and consistent producers, Icone returns to Mondo with a bang. After destroying dance floors with his summer hit ‘Sydney’ under his new Anteca alias in 2011, he now threatens global domination with his latest offering ‘The New World EP’.

Two premium cuts of Icone majesty in one swoop, ‘The New World’ kicks things off with its thumbing grooves, soothing pads, plucky guitars and pan pipes all thrown in this eclectic mix. On the flip, ‘Truth & Reconciliation’ continues to ooze that trademark Icone energy with its uplifting vibes and a huge euphoric breakdown, in short this track guarantees maximum hands in the air action.

Complimenting this already delicious EP, Chris Cockerill delivers a progressive take on ‘Truth & Reconciliation’. Keeping those lush pads at the forefront, Chris injects his own style and cool progressive vibes to the mix making this one release not to miss!

  1. The New World (Original Mix)
  2. Truth & Reconciliation (Original Mix)
  3. Truth & Reconciliation (Chris Cockerill Remix)

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