MNDL001: 8 Ball feat. Desi Valentine – Liquor Cabinet
December 24, 2012
MND140: Muska – Garden State
November 26, 2012

After delivering two exceptional cuts of progressive trance this year, Evave is back with another slice of prog goodness. Here he serves up another two-track scorcher displaying his unique talents and sound.

The EP kicks off with ‘Catch The Wave’, a beautifully crafted uplifting tune with gritty bass lines and playful melodies. Evave cranks up the summer-drenched sounds through the mix, making this a sure fire winner where ever it’s played.

On the flip we have ‘Storm Spirit’, which oozes yet more quality and majesty from this sure fire talent. From start to finish the ridiculously huge melody lines, throbbing basses and sweeping pads all coming together to make this a club monster.

  1. Catch The Wave
  2. Storm Spirit

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