MND145: Hydro Poison – Claymore
February 11, 2013
MND143: Azotti – Shark
January 14, 2013

Mondo proudly welcomes a new rising dynamic duo in the form of Mark Nails & First Effect. Soothing, progressive vibes are the order of the day throughout their gorgeous debut ‘Amalfi’. With its warm overtones, glowing melodies and epic guitar riffs, it’s a track you’ll definitely be hearing a lot of over the coming months.

On remix duties we have the ever-faithful Muska, who effortlessly flips the original on its head and serves up a perfect peak time monster. With its huge bass line, throbbing beats and big room vibes this is one for the trance fans and those peak time sets. To round off the package, Manuel Rocca delivers his banging ‘levitated’ mix to perfectly wrap up this mouth-watering release.

  1. Original Mix
  2. Muska Remix
  3. Manuel Rocca Levitated Remix

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