MND158: Mike Lockin & Mart De Schmidt – Allure EP
November 4, 2013
MND156: Igor Dyachkov & U-Jeen feat. Eskova – Aren’t You Afraid To Lose
September 23, 2013

Continuing to showcase the best in upcoming talent, Mondo’s next discovery turns out the exciting talents of D’jok with his masterful ‘Carrera EP’.

The title track ‘Carrera’, is a groove fuelled cut of progressive opulence, perfectly combining an infectious groove, chopped up vocals, a plucky hook that will instantly stick in your head!

On the flip we have ‘Black Box’ which continues in a similar vein, yet injecting some extra deeper elements. With its laid back groove and deep bass line, the track builds adding its simple yet effective melody and chilled bass line.

  1. Carrera
  2. Blackbox

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