MND159: Darren Tate feat Jodie Elms – All I Am
November 11, 2013
MND157: D’jok – Carrera EP
October 28, 2013

Mondo welcomes back the anticipated return of Mike Lockin & Mart De Schmidt. After their spellbinding debut outing ‘Vectorscope EP’, the guys deliver two more essential cuts with their ‘Allure EP’.

We begin with ‘Allure’, a filthy fusion of techy grooves, a deep bass line, soothing pads and a plucky melody that is sure to please. Its unique appeal will instantly grab you, with its deep tones, quirky effects and lush pad sound selection.

Next up is ‘Epicode’, which turns up the wick and injects huge amounts of uplifting energy and delivers a sublime trance journey. With a deep bass rumble, maximum euphoric energy and huge big room appeal, the guys once again showcase why they are so in demand with two more exceptional masterpieces.

  1. Allure
  2. Epicode

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