MND171: Azotti vs. Kago Pengchi – Color Fields
June 9, 2014
MND169: Ian Solano – Dirty Lies & Secrets EP
May 12, 2014

After riding high from their massive ‘Allure EP’, Mike Lockin & Mart De Schmidt return with another monster club smash that will for sure do even more damage and propel these amazing talents to the next level.

‘Eminent’ is an electronic masterpiece with a gritty bassline and throbbing kick, coupled with a huge hook and melody that is guaranteed to ignite the clubs all around the globe.

On the flip is an equally mouth-watering mix from newcomer Daniel Vitellaro. Keeping much of the essence of the original intact Daniel still manages to spin it in a new driving direction by injecting a killer groove, lush breakdowns and one hell of a drop!

  1. Original Mix
  2. Daniel Vitellaro Remix

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