MND173: Local Heroes – Road Less Traveled EP
July 21, 2014
MND171: Azotti vs. Kago Pengchi – Color Fields
June 9, 2014

Igor Dyachkov makes his much anticipated return and brings home another essential cut in the form of ‘Why Not’. Big room melodies and huge hands in the air moments are the order of the day, and Igor sure knows how to hit the spot when it comes to blowing the roof off.

On remix duties we have Mondo stalwart Matt Eray who injects his much loved sound whilst opting for a real Ibizan inspired mix. Backing that up nicely is a progressive cut from rising Mondo star D’jok, who keeps the tempo low, but the energy high.

In short, this release is packed full of huge grooves, lush pads and of course a faultless hook that will send shivers down your spine!

  1. Original Mix
  2. Matt Eray’s At Sunrise Remix
  3. D’jok Remix

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