MND174: Agustin Gandino – Deep Thoughts
August 25, 2014
MND172: Igor Dyachkov – Why Not
June 16, 2014

US production trio Local Heroes make their sensational debut on Mondo Records with a four-track bevy of electronic masterpieces.

The title track ‘Road Less Traveled’ features sublime progressive nuances that grab your attention right from the off, the journey created throughout the track is nothing short of stunning. Next up is ‘M1nd GaM3s’ which is a deeper, darker progressive number. Its moody atmosphere and throbbing bass set the tone to the break where the magic really happens, a euphoric rush that’s simply incredible.

The momentum continues with ‘#SuperHero’, another big room masterpiece with its peak time melody and soaring leads. And finally, rounding out this breathtaking EP we have ‘Bringing Back That Feeling’, which is another divine summer inspired cut that is a definite crowd pleaser.

What a debut! Expect more to come from Local Heroes very soon.

  1. Road Less Traveled
  2. M1nD GaM3s
  3. #SuperHero
  4. Bringing Back That Feeling

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