MND175: Nikhil Prakash & Iionas – Dark Hour / Sunny Side Up
September 1, 2014
MND173: Local Heroes – Road Less Traveled EP
July 21, 2014

Agustin Gandino drops the mighty sounds of ‘Deep Thoughts’ and here at Mondo we are very excited to unleash his debut.

The original mix has bags of energy all underpinned by a killer techno inspired bassline and simplistic chord arrangement. Agustin’s Club Mix on the other hand builds upon that original bassline, developing it into a crunchy funked up monster, whilst still keeping that lush groove and vibe from the original.

On the flip Igor Dyachkov returns to remix duties and injects his much loved sound and prowess. Doing what he does best, Igor delivers a lush, feel good groove and a quite sublime bassline. Coupled with that quirky, simplistic hook and huge big room breakdown, this is guaranteed to cause carnage when dropped!

Agustin Gandino is set to take the trance family by storm so grab this while it’s hot!

  1. Original Mix
  2. Club Mix
  3. Igor Dyachkov Remix

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