MND176: Dani Corbalan – In The Dark
September 8, 2014
MND174: Agustin Gandino – Deep Thoughts
August 25, 2014

Nikhil Prakash & Iionas join forces for a truly exciting double header with their Dark Hour and Sunny Side Up EP.

Kicking off with ‘Dark Hour’, the duo serves up a delightful, yet moody piece for those later sets. Beginning with a plucky groove, raucous saw bass lines and captivating synth work they lead us into the breakdown. Here the moody atmosphere builds in anticipation for the damaging drop that will rip speaker cones apart and send any crowd crazy.

On the flip the pair serves up the uplifting, progressive monster ‘Sunny Side Up’. A truly summer inspired cut that will tick all the right boxes. With its feel good energy, lush progressive vibe and emotive chords, it’s a cut that will for sure find its way into the heart and mind of any electronic music fan.

  1. Dark Hour
  2. Sunny Side Up

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