MND185: Local Heroes – Hera EP
January 12, 2015
MND183: Nima van Ghavim – Zeus EP
December 15, 2014

Starting as we mean to go on, we welcome in the New Year with a new face to the ranks that you will not be seeing the last of. Edward South makes his scorching debut on Mondo Records with the spellbinding ‘Wonderland’.

A true euphoric and uplifting trance record that will certainly make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end, Edward’s unique sound and production skill become apparent from the off and will for sure grab your attention. ‘Wonderland’ with its killer bass line and dirty groove shift things along nicely and is perfectly placed in any peak time set.

The break is where the magic really happens thanks to those lush, sweeping pads, delicate piano keys and soothing chords. At the drop Edward’s true skill shines through with superb craftsmanship and execution as the euphoric factor gets cranked up to ten as the melody lifts your spirits and leaves you wanting more.

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  1. Original Mix

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