MND193: Tomas Tejeda – Eternal
March 16, 2015
MND191: Nima van Ghavim – Leaving Album Sampler
February 23, 2015

It’s a great honour to welcome back to the Mondo stable one of the stars of the early Mondo years. Classified Project makes a triumphant return after his seminal classic ‘Starlight Chaser’ stormed the globe back in 2005. Ten years on, he delivers his latest offering and sound in the form of ‘Awesome’.

Kicking off the package with the killer Moroder mix, the rolling bass and infectious groove grab your attention, backed up with those quirky vocals and lush stabs; it’s a real mouth-watering cut. On the flip, rising star Make One cranks the energy high and delivers a big room alternative which has bags of festival inspired energy throughout the mix, and will really turn heads when it drops.

Rounding out the package is yet another stellar remix from label favourites Mike Lockin & Mart De Schmidt, who do what they do best and turn out another fine club destroyer. Thanks to that pumping energy and bass line driving the mix along and of course those soaring leads and stabs really hitting it home.

  1. The Moroder Mix
  2. Make One Remix
  3. Mike Lockin & Mart De Schmidt Remix

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