MND200A: Mondo 200 – Part 1
May 18, 2015
MND198: Jackob Rocksonn – The Dark Tale
April 20, 2015

Delivering their biggest release on Mondo Records to date, Local Heroes are back and continue their 2015 account at break neck pace. Riding high on the success of their previous release (Hera EP) which was championed by Above & Beyond, the Local Heroes guys are set to continue where that left off with their latest outing in the form of ‘Absolute Zero’.

In typical Local Heroes fashion, the track is another killer club cut thanks to the carefully executed groove, slamming bass and infectious melody. Remixes fall from Daniel Vitellaro who comes up with a sublime summer inspired remix which employs the vocals of Tina K, both as a slamming club mix and dub too. To complete the package, Mondo star Kam Delight serves up another essential outing and does what he does best to deliver a full on trance workout to wrap things up perfectly.

You’d be mad to miss this one…HUGE!

  1. Original Mix
  2. Dark Dub
  3. Daniel Vitellaro feat. Tina K Vocal Remix
  4. Daniel Vitellaro Dub Remix
  5. Kam Delight Remix

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