MND210: Manda Dex – Emotional Mess
September 14, 2015
MND208: Steve Anderson – Neve 2015
August 17, 2015

After smashing the charts and clubs around the globe with his debut Mondo Records EP, Artsever is back with a bang and his latest single ‘Lively’ is another sure fit club smash in the making.

Packed with plenty of Artsever punch and a killer bassline, the track eases you in with its thumping kick and rough and ready bass drops. The breakdown really hits the spot, thanks to those lush symphonic chords and warm bass running underneath it all.

‘Lively’ certainly makes its name worthwhile as the drop is where the magic really happens. Coupling those killer chords and slamming percussion together for an all-out trance workout.

  1. Original Mix

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