MND244: Cyril Ryaz – Arrival EP
November 28, 2016
MND242: Ruven Gaze – Certus
November 14, 2016

Ready to set the world alight, Dark Echo & Draftman make their Mondo Records debut with the simply divine sounds of ‘Moments’.

A lush trancer packed with all the hallmarks of a classic in the making and one of iconic riffs of the moment. We instantly fell in love with the tracks simplicity, yet raw and emotional piano melody. It really packs a punch where it matters and will definitely get the reaction it deserves wherever it is dropped.

Complimenting the original there are mixes from Maywave, Synastry and Dextrose who all turn in killer alternatives to make this a truly sensational package.

  1. Original Mix
  2. Maywave Remix
  3. Synastry Remix
  4. Dextrose Remix

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