MND250: Ian Solano – Oaxaca
February 17, 2017
MND248: Manda Dex – Star Bars
January 20, 2017

Fast becoming one of the stand out stars and a name not to miss in 2017 is Atherium. Back on Mondo Records with two more lush and simply breathtaking pieces of electronic music.

The British producer kicks off his latest EP with the lush ‘Sea Of Stars’, which in typical Atherium fashion is a lush fusion of delicate melodies, warm pads and spine tingling goodness.

On the flip and rounding out the EP is ‘Flight’. Another expertly crafted masterpiece from this rising star, Atherium sure knows how to craft those lush, evocative melodies that will certainly please even the purest of trance fans.

Do not miss this!

  1. Sea Of Stars
  2. Flight

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