MND259: Cyril Ryaz – A Small World EP
July 7, 2017
MNDL010: Manda Dex feat. Izzy – Dream Beat
June 9, 2017

Continuing his string of sublime emotional trance masterpieces, Atherium returns to Mondo Records with two more truly breathtaking tracks.

Opening his latest EP with ‘Coastline’, which is a simple, yet effective number that opens with those tantalising chords and subtle Balearic nuances. At the break its another fine Atherium execution, packed full of emotion and the finesse we’ve come to expect form any Atherium production.

On the flip, ‘Vainona’ wraps up the latest EP from Atherium and its yet another head turner. Thanks to a slightly darker groove, peak time chords and yet another spine tingling breakdown.

Epic stuff here from Atherium once again, do not miss this!

  1. Coastlinbe
  2. Vainona

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