MND263: Orano feat. Karen Elliot – Fairytales
October 16, 2017
MNDL011: Credland & Recursion – Photosphere
July 21, 2017

After creating waves with their Mondo Records debut single ‘The Journey’ back in 2010, we are pleased to welcome back Nitrous Oxide & Mysterious Movement with their latest trance masterpiece ‘Breathe’.

Packed with all the hallmarks of a classic in the making, this duo of highly respected and sought after producers have come up with a truly spellbinding journey. Delivery a killer rolling bass line, a spine tingling melody and a breakdown that is guaranteed to make your hairs stand up on end, ‘Breathe’ is the ultimate personification of trance.

More on the way soon from these guys too, so watch this space!

  1. Original Mix
  2. Radio Edit