MND275: Jurgen Vries – 8 Bit Boy / Memento
March 16, 2018
MND273: SourCream feat. Angelika Yutt – Fata Morgana
March 2, 2018

After making his Mondo Records debut with ‘Amsha’, DJ Geri is back with his brand new single called ‘Hydra’. A lush progressive journey packed with a killer bass line, sumptuous melodies and big room appeal. DJ Geri strikes gold once more and ‘Hydra’ is a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

On the flip, newcomer Syd Salva returns and flexes his remixer muscles for an equally tasty rework on the package. Syd’s meticulous production style once again is apparent throughout the mix as he offers up a tasty tech driven alternative that will certainly please the masses.

  1. Original Mix
  2. Syd Salva Remix

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