MND291: DVV – Fire of Love EP
September 14, 2018
MND289: Up & Forward – Prestige (Reimagined)
August 10, 2018

Mondo Records head honcho and internationally renowned DJ/producer Darren Tate (aka DT8 Project) is back on home turf. His latest masterpiece titled ‘Timeless’ has already been creating a huge buzz around the globe after Darren debuted the track as part of his producer’s set at this year’s Luminosity Beach Festival in the Netherlands.

Fans have been crying out for more Tate goodness and the man has delivered once again. Tate turns up the heat on his latest offering thanks to a killer bass line and slamming groove to guide you into the breakdown. At which point, the Tate magic begins to happen with those awe inspiring melodies and soothing pads. All of which begin to open up and the ‘Timeless’ melody leaves you with goosebumps. It’s simply sublime!

Darren Tate hits the nail on the head… and some! Expect to be left wanting more after hearing this latest gem from a producer who always delivers.

  1. Original Mix

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