MND214: Ouzzen One – Flight To Heaven EP
November 23, 2015
MND200C: Mondo 200 – Part 3
November 9, 2015

The delectable sounds of Mondolicious return with its fifth release, courtesy of Gothmonk with the delightful sounds of ‘Sunday Bump’.

In typical Mondolicious fashion, we’ve unearthed another gem and true house record as Gothmonk serves up a divine palette of careful tuned house vibes. ‘Sunday Bump’ fuses a lush, laid back vibe, techno nuances with cool percussion and summer drenched melodies.

On the flip, Tribal Riot delivers a slightly more heads down affair for those techno heads amongst us.  The mix is deep and gnarly, yet still cool and content. We love it!

  1. Original Mix
  2. Tribal Riot Remix

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